Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ships 10 million

Three million more have flocked to the world of Skyrim over the past month. The game's launch was met with 7 million copies shipped. In the month since release, the game has won Game of the Year at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and has shipped three million more copies.

Across all three platforms, the game has generated approximately $650 million in retail sales since release according to figures released by Bethesda. In addition, the PC version of Skyrim "outside all other PC games by a factor of over three to one in the month of its release."

Skyrim isn't just a retail success; it's dominating the digital charts as well. Valve's Jason Holtman claims that "Skyrim is the fast selling title in Steam's history," adding "we are delighted that Bethesda chose to use Steamworks to support Skyrim both at retail and digitally."

"We are most grateful to our fans for their support," ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman said in a press release. He then teased that "2012 will be another huge year for our fans, with the release of the Creation Kit, as well as exciting DLC which will add to the richness of this epic adventure."

The Creation Kit will take advantage of Steam Workshop in order to easily enable mod authors to upload their work directly to Steam, where it can be browsed, rated, and installed for free. DLC has yet to be announced, but all add-ons will be exclusive to Xbox 360 first.