Gears of War dev to reveal 'fresh' new game at VGAs

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 05, 2011 11:30am PST

The Spike TV Video Game Awards may be short on actual award-giving, but it will certainly have a lot of new game announcements. Add one more to the list: Epic Games' North Carolina studio, best known for its work on the Gears of War trilogy, will be revealing a new game this Saturday.

Cliff Bleszinski describes the new project as "entirely new and fresh," which should be a refreshing change after six years on the Gears franchise.

Bleszinski was supposed to reveal a new IP during Games Developer Conference earlier this year. However, that never came to fruition--likely due to the lengthy delay Gears of War 3 received. It's likely that this VGA announcement is the same one meant for GDC.

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