From Dust PC DRM patched to allow offline play

As promised, Ubisoft has released a patch to scale back From Dust's DRM so you can play the PC edition whilst offline. It's taken a few weeks, but From Dust has now the DRM scheme we thought we were getting all along.

The first mention of DRM was Ubisoft saying it didn't require "a permanent online connection," then an Ubi rep stated in a now-deleted forum post that there'd simply be a "one-time" online activation, then no more. But when From Dust launched on PC and turned out to require activation each and every time it launched, Ubisoft declared the talk of a one-time activation a "misunderstanding"--a misunderstanding it had been happy to let people believe was true.

Still, the situation's finally resolved, and players have the reasonable DRM requirement we've been prepared to accept all along. Next time, Ubisoft, let's start off with sensible DRM and we can avoid another repeat of this kerfuffle.

Ubisoft also announced yesterday that the PlayStation 3 edition of From Dust is headed to PSN on September 27.