Weekend PC digital deals: Duke Nukem Forever

by Alice O'Connor, Jun 10, 2011 11:45am PDT
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As if it weren't surprising enough already that Duke Nukem Forever is genuinely launching in North America next week, this weekend you can pick it up with 27% off, for only $36.49. It's a Steamworks game, so you'll simply get a key to plug into Steam. That's certainly the most surprising of this weekend's PC game deals at digital distributors.

Here's our selection of the various deals on digitally-distributed PC games this weekend:

Green Man Gaming


Indie Games Summer Six Pack

Get six indie games for $10, or only $5 if you share the site on Facebook.

Games for Windows



Good Old Games

50% off Strategy First games, including:

Get Games


Up to 60% off a large selection of downloadable content and expansions.


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