Battlefield 3 launches Oct. 25

The war of the modern first-person shooters continues this holiday, with DICE and EA revealing that Battlefield 3 will arrive on October 25, 2011. Utilizing DICE's proprietary "Frostbite 2" engine, Battlefield 3 is launching on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

The Battlefield 3 multi-platform beta is scheduled to kick-start in September. Beta passes had been given away with new game sales of last year's Medal of Honor.

EA notes that it will show off the PC and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3 at E3 2011. A number of features are expected to debut during E3, which officially kicks off tomorrow.

Shacknews will push itself to the front of the line to make sure we get some time with the game. Stay tuned.

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BOOM video 9301