Star Control 1 & 2 re-released on GOG

Continuing its new wave of re-releasing games published by Atari--or games whose publishing rights are presently owned by Atari, at least--virtuous virtual vendor of vintage video games Good Old Games today added Star Control and Star Control II to its digital catalogue.

The pair of tip-top sci-fi strategy-sim-RPG-action-y things developed by Toys for Bob come bundled together for $5.99. As a bonus, you also get the soundtrack thrown in too.


Developer Toys for Bob released the source code to the 3DO version of Star Control II back in 2002, birthing a fan remake project. The Ur-Quan Masters ported the 3DO code to run on modern computers and remade all art assets, as the originals were still under copyright. Should you not want to pony up $6, you can always download that for free, though it's not quite the same as the real deal.

The re-release of the Star Control games was teased by GOG's cryptic clue "What game made you dream of the stars?" Four hints for upcoming Atari re-releases remain for fans to guess at:

What game made you ride with the outlaws?

    What game made you fear your past?

    What game made you go to the underground?

    What game made you feel like a hero?

The last of the new Atari arrivals--teased with "What game made monsters afraid of you?"--will be The Witcher. It's due on May 10 with heaps of goodies, initially be priced at $4.99 to celebrate the arrival of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, then rising to $9.99 on May 24.

As if that all weren't enough teasing/jerking us around, GOG has announced that it'll soon be releasing games from either Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Take Two, LucasArts or Microsoft Game Studios--and so far refuses to say which. GOG's also rolling out a new client program soon, with features including an improved downloader and messaging.