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By Steve Gibson, Jun 25, 2002 1:24pm PDT Star Control 2, which is rated incredibly high in Shackreviews,  a game released back in the early days of gaming.. 1992. Is being re-released by Toys for Bob. Here's the announcement from their website:

- We plan to support Mac (both classic and OSX), Linux, and Windows.
- The game will be available free of charge.
- Players will be able to choose between text and voices.
- We're looking into the possibility of allowing for independant creation of language plug-ins.
- Data, such as graphics, fonts, music, voices, sound effects, and the script will be loaded from standard filetypes. This will allow fans to choose between classic music and 3DO music, or even import their own modifications into the game.
- Improved support for modern gamepads.
- We're looking into 2-player supermelee over the internet... Cross your fingers!

The new version of the game is being built around the 3DO version as a 'starting point' although as you can see they plan quite a bit of upgrading.

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  • 3DO Version
    Hopefully they do what the 3DO version did for the original Star Control 2... improve the original, don't change the original! The 3DO version of Star Control 2 added improved graphics and sound, but kept the rest of the game the same. All hardcore SC2 fans will tell you that the 3DO version is the best version, and any self respecting gamer will tell you that SC2 is one of the best games ever!

    The voices in the 3DO version made it hands down better than any other SC2. Pure genius! The voices were the most notable improvement on the original. Hopefully we will see those same voices in this newly released version.

    I suggest buying a 3DO and a copy of Star Control 2 on ebay. They both can be had for cheap cheap cheap! Checkout Ebay's 3DO section here:

    What other improvements (in addition to the ones already in the 3DO version) do you guys want to see in the rereleased SC2?

    1. Obviously it would be nice to have the game run on the major desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux... in addition to major consoles: PS2, GameCube, and XBox.
    2. Improved Planet Surface: even in the 3DO version, the planet surface graphics were dated and even cheesy looking. The planet surface graphics should at least be as good looking as the melee graphics, which were quite nice for the 3DO.
    3. Netplay: this is another obvious improvement that doesn't require any change to the original game. Allow the super melee to be played online against an opponent, but please don't use proprietary online gaming servers and server browsers. Have a built in server browser and server come on the CD. We want to be able to run our own servers.
    4. Mod making tools: The game is simple enough that it should be highly mod-able. Make it possible to make our own star map, planets, ships, and even storyline scripts.