Morning Discussion

In case you missed the news yesterday, 2K Games has pulled a u-turn and declared that BioShock 2's fab singleplayer downloadable content Minerva's Den will indeed come to PC, two weeks after saying it was cancelled. This is excellent news for PC gamers, both for letting us all get to play the positively excellent DLC and for showing that publishers do sometimes bow to pressure.

The original cancellation of Minerva's Den on PC was a kick in the teeth. It was a decision made by the wicked number-crunching machine we all like to pretend isn't part of the video games industry, the scary monster we tell our children will gobble them up if they buy used video games. The kind of fiend that grows stronger on their fears and your denial until the dark belief congeals into a solid form that lurks just out of sight, gently slopping across your face at night, filling your mind with... sorry, I got a bit carried away.

I'd recommend you buy Minerva's Den on PC because it's a bite-sized glob of loveliness. How that jibes with your morals, I don't know--on one hand, 2K listened to complaints but on the other, they did toss us into the gaping maw of the Jittering Numbster (as it is called) in the first place and the beast would demand that makeup be slapped on its twisted face. Me, I'm cursed and damned as I bought a second copy of BioShock 2, on Xbox 360, as soon as 2K announced the cancellation just so I could play Minerva's Den. Egg on my face, shame in my heart and a void in my purse.

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