Morning Discussion

by Alice O'Connor, Oct 12, 2010 5:00am PDT

For reasons unknown, I've had suburbs on my mind this morning and it's somehow got me excited about Homefront to see its depiction of war within the suburbs of the USA. They're a space largely unexplored by video games, which I imagine is down to their decidedly unsexy nature and the fact that they don't lend themselves well to corridor experiences. Suburbs are important, though. They house a huge number of people--genuinely, far too many people across far too large an area, leading to terrible things--but also represent ideals rarely touched upon in video games, a way of life and mindset which could be used in interesting ways.

Having stayed in an American suburb for a few weeks last year, I'm oddly repulsed yet fascinated and enthralled by them. Please, video games, take me there.