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By Xav de Matos, Aug 20, 2010 5:00am PDT I always seem to enter bouts of hardcore portable gaming at random times. I'll go weeks forgetting about my consoles or PC and focus on playing games on my Nintendo DS or PSP Go.

Lately, I haven't touched either handheld system but with God of War returning the PSP, I foresee that will change very soon.

I own an iPhone and I've purchased a lot of games for it but I never really use the device for gaming. There's some great software available, don't get me wrong, but I just don't use it. Maybe it's because I'm still stuck in the dark ages with a 3G and it runs like a pirate with a peg leg or because the battery is terrible after years of constant iPod use but it's rarely my portable gaming platform of choice.

What device fuels your portable gaming urges?

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  • I play portable games, but not when I am running around. I play them at home just like a lot of people would curl up with a book. I drive to work so I don't have the commute to play. The DS has always treated me well the diverse library means I can typically find something to suit the need of the day. I have eclectic tastes, some days I want Zelda others I want CrossWorDS. Right now DQ9 has me hooked. My wife and I play it a lot in the evenings after dinner in the den. It may be a throwback, but there is so much in there. Tired of the story go do a side quest, tired of that get hooked into Alchemy( my current obsession), tired of that go level up a different class.

  • Blizzcon Menz

    I just got offered to purchase tickets to the CHOC Charity Dinner and I think I'll take the opportunity. Since I can purchase 2 tickets and BlackCat isn't interested in going, would someone else like to purchase the other?

    It's $500 for the event and includes a Blizzcon ticket.

    If you already have a Blizzcon ticket and would like to go, I can purchase your ticket off of you (and would prefer to) as I have some friends that just got married and are Blizzard nuts, too. I thought tickets would make a great wedding present, but still need a second ticket.

    Anyway, if you want to do it, either post here or SM me...but I'll need to know if I should get the second ticket by 4PM PST.