Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Feb 24, 2009 7:17am PST Hooray for Tuesday--one step closer to Friday! And, inevitably, next Monday :(

I played a bit more Dawn of War II last night. Whereas I used to just click until things eventually died, I actually grasp enough of the mechanics now to feel like I'm actually making some strategic decisions here and there. That doesn't mean I can make it through a boss fight without losing temporarily losing anyone, but I'm trying, darn it.

And despite an ever-growing backlog, I keep going back to Dawn of War II. I may or may not have woken up this morning thinking about the path I'm going to take my Scout squad down. It's not like I would admit such a thing, but they're focusing on melee.

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  • Hey guys i need a little bit of minor legal advice of sorts. For the last few month's myself and a friend have been arranging a pretty big music & arts event. Loads of different people involved, performers of different kinds. Its a non profit exersise (for us and the performers) in the hope that it will be a success and eventually become a regular event that helps promote and popularize fresh unknown talent etc etc.

    We've been advised to create contracts for a few of the various acts just to guarantee there going to turn up. Its not something we're too worried about (we're on pretty good terms with everyone involved) but its better to be safe that sorry.

    So basically what kind of contract do we need to have drawn up, i know nothing about this, is this something we can do easily enough ourselves, or do we need to find the help of a lawyer? I'm in the UK so obviously things will vary quite a lot from country to country but i was hoping it would be pretty straightforward for something like this.

    Any thoughts?

  • I am apparently going to a wedding in Philadelphia next weekend, so I come to the shack for advice on several fronts, as I haven't gone to a wedding as an adult, and these people are singular acquaintances of mine (going as a date one of their friends).

    1) Philadelphia is going to be cold next weekend. I don't have a topcoat for my suit. Do I go and get one, or just suck it up and go without? I could wear a thermal under my shirt I suppose, but that just seems strange.

    2) I am absolved any responsibility to provide a gift for these guys, right? Or would it be proper to offer to chip-in with the date for something?

    3) What else should I plan for, contingency or otherwise?