Rumor: Diablo III Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

The just-announced Burnout Paradise remaster is sadly missing a Nintendo Switch edition, but there's some potentially good news to be found elsewhere. Rumor has it, Diablo III may be coming to the Nintendo Switch with a local co-op option for some portable dungeon-crawling.

The rumor comes from Neoseeker via an unnamed source. The source only shared that Blizzard is looking to implement the local co-op feature and the publication hasn't received any additional comment from the developer just yet. Blizzard hasn't officially joined the Nintendo Switch party yet, though they did say not to rule out Hearthstone on the home/mobile hybrid console. The card game would be a wonderful addition to the Switch library, but some deep dungeon-crawling would be even more welcome. 

Miyamoto believes Switch fans should expect a longer life cycle when compared to other home consoles and additions like Hearthstone and Diablo III would certainly add some long-lasting value to the device. That's not to say there isn't value there already, as releases like DOOM, numerous indie games, the upcoming Mega Man Legacy collections, the many quality first-party titles like Super Mario Odyssey, and the upcoming Labo project make the Nintendo Switch a console you want in your collection.

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