Rumor: Nintendo May Re-Release Zelda: Link Between Worlds For Switch

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has often been cited as the best game in the longrunning series, and Nintendo 3DS players are currently able to relive those 16-bit glory days by picking up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a 3D-enhanced remake of the SNES classic. Now, just over four years after the remake's initial 3DS release, Nintendo has been contacting journalists requesting permission to use pull quotes from past reviews of A Link Between Worlds for some yet-unknown purpose. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many players and internet sleuths have taken this as a sign that the company is looking to re-release the title for the Nintendo Switch.

Shacknews' sister site Modojo was one of the outlets contacted by Nintendo, but despite the company reaching out, we haven't been given any firm word on what Nintendo wants to do with the information. The Reddit collective has an idea, of course — many users of the site are certain that Nintendo is working on a Switch re-make. A 3DS re-release seems a little iffy, not only because the game is already on the 3DS, but also because most of the biggest 3DS franchises have already jumped ship toward the more robust Switch hardware.

If not for a Switch release, it may be possible that Nintendo is looking to give the game a budget-oriented Nintendo Selects release — A Link Between Worlds has already been made available as a Selects title in Europe, but no budget version of the game has yet been released in North America. Until we hear proper word from Nintendo, however, all such thoughts are mere speculation. Either way, we'll report back as soon as we hear any new information about what Nintendo may be planning for the future of the revamped Zelda title.

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