Is Burnout Paradise Getting Remade?

The last notable rumor without a reliable source turned out to be a complete wash, so take this new one with a grain of salt. Burnout is a racing franchise that is highly regarded to this day, but completely absent from the gaming economy. That could change in early 2018 as a Brazillian blog seems to have spotted a listing for a remake that will release in March 2018.

Courtesy of ResetEra, the forum that rose from the controversy spun by a NeoGAF founder, user TheBrokenMan spotted a rumor that leans on a listing from a Brazillian retailer. It has some version of Burnout Paradise coming out on PS4 and Xbox One with a $45 price tag. The blog notes that gaming costs a bit more in Brazil, so the price may be closer to $30. 

Whether or not this particular rumor turns out to be true, more Burnout is needed in this gaming ecosystem. An arcade racer like this would play well on the Nintendo Switch as well, but EA isn't playing very nice with the hybrid console thus far. We'll update this story as more information is made available.

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