ResetEra Rises From The Ashes of NeoGAF

In our report on NeoGAF's fall, rise, and fall again, we shared that former GAF moderators were working on a new gaming forum. You can already sign up for the best gaming community around, but the new ResetEra has officially gone live. New sign-ups require a secret code for now, though.

The ResetEra website is up and running with over 100 threads already within the Video Games discussions and another 100 in the EtcetEra discussion for sports, education, politics, civil discourse, and more. At the time of this writing, it has 3,780 members and is closing in on 10k messages.

There's an option to sign up for the forum, but you'll need a secret code for access currently. It was previously stated that the rollout for accounts would work in waves and the first wave is likely earmarked for long-standing members of various former communities, including NeoGAF. As far as the threads go, conversations seem to pick right up where NeoGAF left off. There's an Xbox One X pre-launch thread, one with Super Mario Odyssey spoilers, and much more.

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