It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Rumors of A New Superman Game by Rocksteady

Update: The rumor has surfaced once again, with the same source as before pointing toward E3 instead of a Game Informer reveal. The source was wrong before and is quite possibly wrong again, so take this with a grain of salt once again.

Original Story (November 3, 2017): Rocksteady Studios really rocked our worlds with the Batman: Arkham series of games (the good ones). The combat system has inspired many games since and the stories throughout introduced players to A-list villains all the way down to the outcast Z-listers of Gotham. Now, the team is rumored to be taking on the nearly insurmountable task of making a good Superman video game.

The rumor was spotted by ComicBook.com and alleges that Game Informer's next cover story will be about Rocksteady's Superman game. Unless you've been under a digital rock, you're aware that Superman hasn't had the best track record for video games. The Death and Return of Superman on SNES and Sega in 1994 was wonderful, but just about every game since has been terrible. Remember Superman 64? That one is considered one of the worst games ever made.

This rumored game is said to have massive "scale and ambitious" so, one would hope to expect better boss fights than a couple tornadoes this time around. Reminder: This is just a rumor and the source that ComicBook linked isn't the most credible around, so try not to get your hopes up.

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