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Manhunt lands on PS3 next week, The Warriors coming soon

By Andrew Yoon, May 09, 2013 2:00pm PDT

Next week, Manhunt will join the PS2 Classics collection on PlayStation Network for $9.99.


"It does a lot of justice to the source material. It fleshes out the entire backstory of the ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 coming to PlayStation Network

By Steve Watts, May 01, 2013 10:30am PDT

The ESRB has rated the first two Grand Theft Auto games for release on PlayStation 3, PSP, and Vita.


"Haven't these been posted up for free on the PC? Are they charging for them on PSN?"

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Grand Theft Auto playlists compiled by Rockstar

By Steve Watts, Apr 12, 2013 1:00pm PDT

Rockstar has released official playlists for its various radio stations across the Grand Theft Auto catalog.


"Wow, I've been wanting to get "Fade Away" from GTA3 for years. Surprised and excited they're ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 cover revealed, looks familiar

By Steve Watts, Apr 02, 2013 7:30am PDT

Rockstar revealed its box art for Grand Theft Auto 5 today.


"I don't think it's grown stale, but I do think that GTA IV was in a horribly boring and ..."

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City and Vice City Stories on PS3 next week

By Steve Watts, Mar 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories will be coming to PSN next Tuesday, for $9.99 apiece.


Grand Theft Auto 5 screens show three main characters, Los Santos scenery

By John Keefer, Mar 27, 2013 8:00am PDT

Rockstar continues to slowly parcel out new images for Grand Theft Auto 5, letting eager fans dissect them from every angle. Today, it has released 10 news screens showing off some of the scenery in Los Santos, the three main characters of the game, as well as some diving an...


"I agree. With the new consoles around the corner this could have been the perfect launch title. ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 landing on September 17

By Steve Watts, Jan 31, 2013 7:20am PST

Rockstar has pegged the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 for September 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


"oh man they need to get these out on new consoles. how hard could it be?? simple recompile right ..."

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to PSN next week

By Steve Watts, Jan 24, 2013 10:45am PST

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is hitting the PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic on January 29, for $9.99.


Grand Theft Auto 5 PC listed on retail sites

By Steve Watts, Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST

UK and French versions of retail site Amazon have listed Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, a hint that the game may be coming to the platform after all.


"I remember seeing Fake Preorder boxes for Duke Nukem Forever for years in some stores. Their ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 screens offer fighter escorts, swimming with sharks

By John Keefer, Dec 27, 2012 7:30am PST

Rockstar Games was in a giving mood for the holidays, putting five new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5 under the virtual Christmas tree for gamers wanting just a bit more eye candy for one of the most anticipated titles of 2013.


"If it's anything like Max Payne 3's DRM then it will be fine, no GFWL and the Rockstar Social ..."

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Vice City '10th Anniversary Edition' now on Android

By Steve Watts, Dec 12, 2012 1:45pm PST

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary edition has launched on Android.


"Nice! That's actually the huge issue with these ports -- touch controls making already crappy ..."

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming to PS3 tomorrow

By Steve Watts, Dec 10, 2012 2:45pm PST

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to the PlayStation Store tomorrow, according to the PlayStation Blog.


"hop on whatever the harley-type bike was whenever running down a dream came on and just ride."

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Relive GTA: Vice City with 10th anniversary trailer

By John Keefer, Nov 29, 2012 10:15am PST

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out. But take a look at the new trailer and you'll believe it, especially when you see the huge blocky cell phone Sonny Forelli is using.


"Where did you hear these rumors? In the article you're commenting on? "Enhanced for mobile, ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC petition gains traction

By Steve Watts, Nov 27, 2012 1:30pm PST

An online petition asking Rockstar to release Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC is gaining momentum online, quickly rising toward its goal of 100,000 signatures.


"Yeah, was a silly rant about an issue I have never written about anywhere, so I used this news ..."

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Two Los Angeles residents break down Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 19, 2012 12:30pm PST

"Indie" Jeff Mattas and Ryan Calavano sit down for a more in-depth breakdown of the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.


"actually it would be kind of cool if they simulated rush hour(s). If you needed to get somewhere ..."

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