Grand Theft Auto 5 screens offer fighter escorts, swimming with sharks

Rockstar Games was in a giving mood for the holidays, putting five new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5 under the virtual Christmas tree for gamers wanting just a bit more eye candy for one of the most anticipated titles of 2013. Whether you like swimming with the fishes (the big, man-eating kind), hanging with man's best friend on a drive around town, or you want to just escort lost aircraft in your fighter jet, these new images have it covered. You even can get in a Jacques Cousteau mood with a mini submersible. Take a gander at the shots below. Rockstar hasn't said anything about a release date, other than it is coming this spring for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The developer said it may consider a PC and Wii U version sometime later.

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Cruising with the dog

Underwater sightseeing anyone?