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Kill Hitler in Sniper Elite V2 pre-order bonus DLC

Kill Hitler in Sniper Elite V2 pre-order bonus DLC

What if you had Adolf Hitler in the sights of your sniper rifle, ready to take down the Fuhrer and drastically change World War 2? Then you, my friend, would probably be playing the pre-order bonus DLC for Sniper Elite V2, which gives a surreal opportunity to pick off the head of Nazi Germany himself.

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"That is actually what I thought was so clever about Germany's invasion. There equipment was such ..."
- XwingVmanX    See all 13 comments

NeverDead DLC packs playable pop-idol

NeverDead DLC packs playable pop-idol

NeverDead publisher Konami promised back in December that there'd be downloadable content, and though Rebellion's supernatural shooter has received thoroughly average reviews, it's sticking to that. The snappily-named 'Expansion Pack Volume 1' will bring goodies including the opportunity to play as "the fashionable, charismatic pop-idol, Nikki Summerfield." Lovely.


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NeverDead releases January 31, DLC promised

NeverDead releases January 31, DLC promised

NeverDead hasn't received too much buzz--and for good reason. It's not very good. The too-clever-for-its-own-good shooter from Metal Gear Acid producer Shinta Nojiri has a zany premise. But, sloppy execution made assuming the role of an immortal demon hunter more cumbersome than fun.

Hopefully, developer Rebellion Software has had enough time to polish the game up, as Konami has announced a release date: January 31st.

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Sniper Elite 2 announced for 2012

Sniper Elite 2 announced for 2012

Cult favourite World War 2 stealthy sniping game Sniper Elite is getting a sequel by the name of Sniper Elite V2 in 2012, publisher 505 Games announced today. Creator Rebellion is once again handling development.

"Guaranteed that the sequel will be the most authentic WW2 sniping experience ever," said 505 managing director Ian Howe in the announcement, "not just in terms of weapon ballistics, but also in delivering the heart-pulsing tension of those do or die moments where one shot really does matter." Read more »

"as a member of a se sniper clan on pc i got in touch with 505games and they said they had no ..."
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Aliens vs. Predator Patches Scrapped for Consoles; PC Support Unchanged

SEGA has officially cut support for Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with no patches or updates planned for release, according to a forum post (via by SEGA assistant community manager "Clumsyorchid".

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"One problem with that logic. Without proper support for the games they will gain a very poor ..."
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Supernatural 'NeverDead' Announced by Konami

Metal Gear Acid director Shinta Nojiri is working with Aliens vs. Predator developer Rebellion on a supernatural action game, titled NeverDead, starring an immortal hero, publisher Konami announced at its E3 press conference today.

Set in a "fantasy and horror-influenced universe of the near-future where supernatural battles between humans and extraordinary creatures span a vast city landscape," NeverDead is a third-person action title with a hero whose bodyparts can safely detach hilariously. Read more »

"This game looks like a great idea, especially with him losing limbs and the Bruce Campbell-like ..."
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Rebellion Confirms Layoffs, Derby Studio Closure

Aliens vs. Predator and Rogue Warrior developer Rebellion has decided to close its studio in Derby, following a review and restructuring period that began back in January.

In addition, the company confirmed to Develop that it laid off an unspecified number of junior staff at its main headquarters in Oxford. Rebellion Derby, formerly known as original Tomb Raider developer Core Design, was most recently responsible for Rogue Warrior. Rebellion Oxford, meanwhile, handled development of Aliens vs. Predator. Read more »

"I loved it - single player was a bit short but playing as alien and predator is all kinds of ..."
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Aliens vs. Predator PC Patch for Monday

Related Topics – Aliens vs. Predator, Sega, Rebellion, PC

SEGA announced that a new patch for the PC version of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator will hit on Monday.

SEGA "will also have news on an additional feature... many of you have been waiting for which is now ready for a closed Beta test!"This is most likely dedicated server support, which was said to be close to beta last Tuesday. Read more »

"Its turned into a very love-it or hate-it game... It isnt perfect, but it is alot better than ..."
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AvP Developer Rebellion Undergoes Restructuring

Claiming that it is positioning itself for growth, independent developer Rebellion (Aliens vs. Predator, Rogue Warrior) today revealed that it is in the process of "corporate restructuring" and may close one of its three existing offices.

The UK company will "review the need" for its office in Derby as the lease on that particular location is expiring soon. Meanwhile, Rebellion is recruiting for its main office in Oxford (described as "the home of Aliens vs. Predator") and other studio in Runcorn. Read more »

"What do people expect from a game based on Richard Marcinko? I mean - did anyone expect it to be ..."
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Rebellion Brings Evil Genius, Ground Control to GOG

Continuing the recent retro revivals, classic-oriented digital distribution outfit Good Old Games now carries some old Rebellion-published games as part of its catalog.

Massive Entertainment's Ground Control and Elixir Studios' Evil Genius represent the initial offerings, with the strategy games respectively selling for $4.99 and $9.99. Read more »

"EG was released on Steam recently as well. Unfortunately, though a Rebellion rep has stated ..."
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New Star Wars Battlefront Heads to Nintendo DS, PSP

While the fate of Star Wars Battlefront III remains unclear, publisher LucasArts today announced a new entry in the third-person shooter series for Nintendo DS and PSP.

Dubbed Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, the game is due out this fall. Rebellion (SW Battlefront II PSP, SW Battlefront Renegade Squadron PSP) is handling the PSP edition, while n-Space (Call of Duty: World at War DS, SW: The Force Unleashed DS) has been tasked with the first Star Wars Battlefront title to hit Nintendo DS. Read more »

"Yeah. Whenever Lucasarts wants to raise the bar in terms of gameplay/experience against all ..."
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How Bethesda Made Rogue Warrior More Like Duke Nukem and Got WET with Elder Scrolls Novels

During its press event in London last week, Bethesda not only cleared up the status of its long in-development project Rogue Warrior, but also announced it would be publishing A2M's action shooter WET and licensing a series of Elder Scrolls novels.

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"My only interest in Rogue Warrior is to see if Rebellion can actually make a good current-gen ..."
- Sadogoat    See all 9 comments

Sega Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game, Delays Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines

A new Aliens vs. Predator game will arrive in early 2010, publisher Sega has announced, with the company noting that AvP will hit before its other two Aliens games.

That means Gearbox's shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC, PS3, 360) and Obsidian's Aliens RPG won't debut until 2010, at the very earliest. Colonial Marines was originally expected last year, and was recently listed as a Q1 2009 release by Sega Europe. Read more »

"its unbelevable they keep people hanging on all this time and then say it wont be released for ..."
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Rebellion Reveals Shellshock PS3 and X360, Refocusing on Console Development

Independent developer Rebellion is shifting gears from PSP development and focusing more on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, CEO Jason Kingsley revealed to

Recent titles from Rebellion include the PSP editions of The Simpsons Game, Star Wars Battlefield: Renegade Squadron, Gun: Showdown, and Dead to Rights: Reckoning. Read more »

"Dude! Vietcong! Excellent 'Nam game. (personally, I'm still waiting for a modern remake of EA's ..."
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