Sniper Elite V2 multiplayer hits consoles as free DLC

Sniper Elite V2 came with multiplayer on PC because developer Rebellion self-published that edition and could do as it jolly well pleased, but console publisher 505 Games initially had no interest in online offerings. The snipe 'em up evidently sold well as it pulled a u-turn on that, and from today consoleers can shoot each others faces off too.

Multiplayer comes as free DLC, available now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It packs six maps and four modes: Deathmatch; Team Deathmatch; Distance King; and Team Distance King.

"We have always believed in supporting and building our games' communities as best we can. This is in part to say thank you to dedicated gamers for buying our games, and also to say keep an eye out for our next big Sniper Elite announcement," Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley teased in the announcement.

If you really want to pay money for sniping goods, however, you can fork out $3 (240 Microsoft Points) for a pack of new weapons. You'll get an M1 Carbine, MP44, and Webley Mk6 Revolver to bang-bang soldiers in both the single-player and multiplayer.