Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 rises on Halloween

If you're a developer with a horror-y game coming up, of course you'll try to launch around Halloween. Rebellion has joined the shambling mass, announcing that its spooky standalone snipe 'em up sequel Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 will launch on that very day. Boo!

Nazi Zombie Army 2 offers more, you know, Nazi zombies. And you have guns. Guns to shoot them with. Shoot them in the head, ideally. The sequel brings new enemies and environments as the campaign, which supports single-player and co-op for up to four snipers, travels through Berlin to the F├╝hrerbunker. The horde has only been sighted lurching towards PC, but Rebellion is interested in Xbox One and PS4 too.

A 20% pre-order discount brings it down to only $11.99 on Rebellion's own store, which gives Steam keys anyway. A four-pack costs $35.99 with the discount.

Here's the game's first trailer, touring a few nightmarish battlegrounds: