Sniper Elite V2 demo hits consoles today, PC soon

It takes a special type of person to be a truly great sniper, with grit, gumption, patience, and a steady aim when weeing into beetles. Should you think yourself gifted in these ways, you can now test your mettle in a demo for Rebellion's reboot-er-make Sniper Elite V2, which hit consoles today.

The demo is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace and arrived in today's PlayStation Store update. The PC demo, however, won't arrive until later this month.

You'll get to sneak through the streets of Schöneberg to lay a booby-trap for an armored convoy, all to grab documents leading to a V2 factory. It's a "specially prepared" sequence from a mission early in Sniper Elite V2, so don't worry too much if you haven't got that 'weeing in bottles' thing down pat yet.

Sniper Elite V2 launches on May 1. If you can't play the demo just yet, poor PC gamer, you can always drown your woes in our recent preview.