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Shack PSA: Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo Available on Xbox 360

By Brian Leahy, Apr 21, 2010 2:00pm PDT

The Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo is now available to all willing participants on the Xbox 360, which previously required a voucher code to...


"I'm asking because I'm living in the outworld. A barren wasteland pretty much, but with Internet."

- Johnnsen see all 6 comments

Supreme Commander 2 Demo Coming to Xbox 360

By Brian Leahy, Apr 07, 2010 10:20am PDT

A playable demo for the Xbox 360 version of Chris Taylor's real-time strategy game Supreme Commander 2 should be available today for Xbox Live Gold...


"The reason the buzz wore off fast was the PC version showed just how badly they was able to gut ..."

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SKATE 3 Demo Available Next Week

By Jeff Mattas, Apr 06, 2010 10:00am PDT

As previously reported, a playable demo for developer Black Box's SKATE 3 is headed to Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network next Thursday, April...


"Yes! one of the developers on the EA Forum said it was in there. "

- triscuit_ see all 11 comments

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Demo Hits Steam

By Brian Leahy, Apr 02, 2010 3:20pm PDT

A demo for developer Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital's Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter has been released on Valve's distribution...


"Even on normal difficulty the last 10% of this game is impossible without some sort of cheat or ..."

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New Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Screens; 'Extremely Generous' SSHD Demo Coming to Steam

By Jeff Mattas, Mar 26, 2010 3:40pm PDT

Hot on the heels of their downloadable high-def remake of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, developer Croteam and publisher Digital Devolver...


"i bought the first HD remake and was quite disappointed. I'd never played it before and was ..."

- purekillforce see all 5 comments

Just Cause 2 Demo Lands March 4th

By Brian Leahy, Feb 26, 2010 10:40am PST

Open-world, destruction-causing fans take note: the demo for Avalanche's Just Cause 2 will be released for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 next...


"damn right! Looks like a lot of fun for sure. I'm going to check out the demo as soon as it hits ..."

- mrflamey see all 13 comments

New Need For Speed SHIFT PC Demo Has Your "Falken Tires" Right Here

By Jeff Mattas, Dec 16, 2009 5:10pm PST

Thanks to a sponsorship deal between Electronic Arts, Falken Tire and Discount Tire, we've got a new PC demo for Slighty Mad's recently released...


"Not impressed, -graphics are good, but nothing special. -sliding around corners was WAY too ..."

- Finchypoo see all 14 comments

Gran Turismo 5 'Time Trial Challenge' Demo Coming December 17, Includes Nationwide Contests

By Jeff Mattas, Dec 03, 2009 3:11pm PST

Over on the official PlayStation Blog Sony has announced a 'Gran Turismo Time Trial Challenge' demo that will be available for free via the...


"If that's all they did it would be a total waste so it can't be."

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20th Nancy Drew PC Installment Gets Demo as First Hardy Boys DS Game Gets Release Date

By Chris Faylor, Jun 23, 2009 12:50pm PDT

A 240.36MB demo of Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships (PC) is now available on FileShack, allowing you to sample a portion of what publisher Her...


"They vary in quality, but there's a couple of really, really excellent ones in the series for ..."

- roushimsx see all 3 comments

ArmA 2 Retail Release Date Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 22, 2009 10:27am PDT

Got Game Entertainment has announced that it will be the North America publisher of Bohemia Interactive's battlefield simulator ArmA 2, bringing it...


"Damn, forget about the scale of it, the visual side of the combat presentation looks amazing. ..."

- UMG see all 21 comments

Dawn of Discovery/ANNO 1404 PC Demo Arrives

By Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2009 12:15pm PDT

A 1.68GB PC demo for Related Design's upcoming strategy title Dawn of Discovery--known internationally as ANNO 1404--is now available on FileShack....


"loved the demo, if you liked 1701 , then 1404 will be even more fun. its not a game for ..."

- lordkosc see all 11 comments

'Exclusive' Madden 10 Demo for GameStop Pre-orders

By Chris Faylor, Jun 16, 2009 2:22pm PDT

Continuing the increasingly popular trend, Electronic Arts today announced that it has partnered with GameStop to provide those that pre-order...


"Its not really exlusive, you can download it from anywhere and burn it to DVD and it will work. ..."

- headbone see all 14 comments

The Path 'Prologue' Demo Released

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 08, 2009 9:15am PDT

Available now on FileShack is The Path - Prologue, a demo of sorts for Tale of Tales' marvelous PC fairytale adventure, released in March to polar...


"I know that Windows is fucking awesome or something, but where's the mac demo? I can buy it on ..."

- mxcl see all 9 comments

Braid Celebrates PC Release With Demo and Trailer

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 10, 2009 4:54pm PDT

After a minor delay, time-twisting puzzle-platformer Braid arrives today on the PC, bearing gifts in the form of the trailer below and a demo...


"I have a 60hz LCD and in a game like TF2 you can definitely tell when vsync is on and the game ..."

- pyide see all 88 comments

Men of War Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Feb 17, 2009 5:13pm PST

A demo for Digitalmindsoft's World War II real-time tactical title Men of War was released today. The demo contains the first level of the game,...


"Tried the demo. Seems alright, fun in the way that Soldiers Heroes of WW2 was fun. But... the ..."

- GenBanks see all 24 comments