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BioShock Infinite team seeking 'network engineer'

By Andrew Yoon, May 09, 2012 12:00pm PDT

Could the team be working on some kind of multiplayer mode for BioShock Infinite? A job listing suggests so.


"If you put it in your cart, you get it release day or the very next day."

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BioShock Vita to be focus after Infinite

By Steve Watts, Apr 27, 2012 4:30pm PDT

Irrational's Ken Levine talks about how the team is focused squarely on BioShock Infinite right now, and that work on the Vita game will start in earnest afterwards.


"they really should have just put on a 2nd set of physical triggers back there. then at least ..."

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Ken Levine, Mark Pincus in running for Time's top 100

By Steve Watts, Mar 29, 2012 9:45am PDT

Irrational head Ken Levine and Zynga co-rounder Mark Pincus are among the nominees in this year's Time Top 100 Influential People list. It's open to voting now, and the results will be revealed next month.


BioShock movie loses director, put on hold

By Steve Watts, Mar 26, 2012 12:30pm PDT

The BioShock movie has lost another director, and has once again been put on hold.


"Damn! I was kind of hoping they would pull this off. It would have been an interesting movie."

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One level in BioShock Infinite has more dialogue than original

By Steve Watts, Mar 20, 2012 1:45pm PDT

BioShock Infinite features three times more dialogue in a single level than in the entirety of BioShock 1, according to Irrational's Ken Levine.


"if a single level features 3 times the amount of combat variety as all of BioShock 1 i might be ..."

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BioShock Infinite trailer unleashes animatronic George Washington

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 08, 2012 7:45am PST

Now that BioShock Infinite has a release date, it's time to start cranking up the marketing engine and reveal a little more of the cloudborne shooter.


"That makes two games with George Washington this year. I'm cool with it."

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BioShock Infinite floats onto shelves October 16

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 01, 2012 5:40am PST

Irrational Games hopes to rapture us away to the cloudborne city of Columbia on October 16, the date publisher 2K Games has announced BioShock Infinite will drift onto PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America.


"The bug in Process Explorer was one where it would hold a thread debug handle open, and not ..."

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BioShock Infinite's '1999 Mode' is harder, old school

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 19, 2012 6:00am PST

Do you long for the days when games put the hard in hardcore? BioShock Infinite's newly announced "1999 Mode" is for you, then.


"It's awesome, and when someone posted about it last night I was all :Ding about it, but really ..."

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BioShock 2 coming to Mac in January

By Steve Watts, Dec 22, 2011 10:30am PST

Feral Interactive, which handled the Mac port of the original BioShock, will be bringing BioShock 2 to the platform in January.


"That is rather awesome. If I get a mac again in the near future I'll be set."

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BioShock Infinite VGA trailer wants to pull on your strings

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 10, 2011 6:55pm PST

There's few surprises in the Spike TV Video Game Awards trailer for BioShock Infinite. However, there is a lot of gameplay footage set to some soothing tunes.


"gotta love front page posters..happen to have any proof it was finished in 2008 perchance? "

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Newly renamed 2K Australia working with Irrational on BioShock Infinite

By Xav de Matos, Nov 29, 2011 4:00pm PST

Developer Canberra, the Australia-based division of 2K Marin, has been renamed 2K Australia and is working with Irrational Games on a BioShock, Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has confirmed.


"Pretty sure they will do anything just so they don't have to be associated with the new XCOM."

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BioShock Infinite's monster is a silent boogeyman

By Steve Watts, Nov 28, 2011 10:00am PST

Ken Levine shares his thoughts on how the team created a new threatening monster for BioShock Infinite.


"I'm more concerned about Bioshock Infinite having more insane DRM. I still have the original ..."

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BioShock movie 'still in the conversation,' says Levine

By Steve Watts, Nov 15, 2011 7:15am PST

BioShock series creator Ken Levine talks about the currently stalled status of a BioShock movie, and how he feels about BioShock Infinite being converted to the big screen.


Occupy Wall Street influencing BioShock Infinite

By Steve Watts, Oct 28, 2011 10:00am PDT

BioShock Infinite takes some cues from political revolution, making creator Ken Levine reflect on its similarities to current protest movements.


"You're right about that, but anarchist tend to ride the coat tails of left wingers. In European ..."

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BioShock Infinite actors discuss crafting believable characters

By Xav de Matos, Oct 27, 2011 7:00pm PDT

Go behind-the-scenes with the voice talent of BioShock Infinite and Irrational Games boss Ken Levine as they discuss crafting believable characters for the upcoming title.


"this is gonna be a movie with short gameplay cutscenes, calling it now"

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