BioShock Vita to be focus after Infinite

Besides a brief mention at E3 last year, we haven't really seen hide nor hair of BioShock Vita. We know it's a new title rather than a port of the existing games, but other than that we're in the dark. Irrational's Ken Levine says the studio's focus is on BioShock Infinite, which may explain the silence for its little sibling.

"These games really are all-consuming endeavors," Levine told Wired. "You do want to keep the ball rolling but it is tough to give it your full attention before you finish what you have. But we're getting there with Infinite. We're not as focused on the Vita game as we will be."

He also says that he felt a bit nervous about presenting an idea at E3 without anything to show for it. "I want to show you something first and then talk about it because it is tough to speak abstractly about things. I don't want to convince you, I'd much rather have the work convince you," he said. "I tried to manage people’s expectations of what the Vita game is going to be. Not because I think they're going to be bad but because I'd rather not talk like a marketing person."

"I'm fortunate that I get to hype things I really believe in, I don't have to go out and hype stuff I don't believe in. And when I'm not ready to hype it, I just don't talk much about it and that's why when people ask me about the Vita game, I just say I'm not ready to talk about it because I don't have anything to show yet."

It sounds like the Vita game is barely off the ground, and Irrational is pouring its efforts into Infinite before it makes significant progress on it. Given that Infinite isn't due until this fall, that means it will probably be quite a while until the Vita game releases.