Destiny 2 to Use Blizzard Launcher for PC, Will Ignore Steam

Destiny 2's livestream today revealed some really cool features, but one in particular could be a boon or bust for PC players. In a surprise move, Bungie has partnered with Blizzard and will be launching the game through Battle.net, choosing to avoid Steam all together.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's CEO, revealed the news, saying that Destiny 2 would use the Blizzard launcher for online play, but also allow players to purchase the game The move is actually a sound decision since both companies are under the Activision Blizzard brand, and Battle.net already has a strong online community. It also eliminates the cut of proceeds Steam grabs for using its service.

This could also be a signal that Activision will use the Battle.net structure in the way that EA uses Origin and Ubisoft leverages Uplay. However, both have had games available on Steam, which also boasts an extensive PC community, so adding D2 to a platform that had previously been for Blizzard games only will further fracture the PC audience and force non-Blizzard gamers to add another login to their growing list of PC accounts.

This also gives a bit more of an explanation as to why Blizzard recently changed the name of its launcher from Battle.net to purely Blizzard.

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