Rage and The Evil Within were 'successful' enough to consider sequels, Bethesda says

Games usually have to be successful to warrant a publisher commissioning a sequel. So fans of Rage and The Evil Within should be happy to know that Bethesda considered both a success by their internal standards, possibly leading to new installments.


In a conversation with Finder, Bethesda's Pete Hines said both Rage from id Software and The Enemy Within from Tango Gameworks "did well enough that we could make sequels." But he cautioned that he really can't talk about projects that are unannounced without incrring the wrath of the powers that be. "I get myself in trouble whenever I do that. Even when we were talking about the Morrowind Remaster, if I come out and say, ‘I just don’t think that is going to happen,’ then people freak out. So I won’t confirm or deny stuff we may or may not do, as people jump to the wrong conclusions. But I do think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels. Personally I loved Rage and had a tonne of fun playing it, but we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline right now so you will have to wait and see."

On the Morrowind HD he mentioned, Hine had been asked in a QuakeCon interview of the possibility of remaking older Elder Scrolls games if the Skyrim remaster proves successful. He acknowledged that both would be large undertakings, given that the code is more than 10 years old, but then posited that "the question becomes, 'should we work on a Morrowind or Oblivion remaster, or should we work on Elder Scrolls VI.'"

Bethesda has said that ES6 is a long way off yet, But the company has also confirmed that it has two large projects in the works on the level of Fallout 4, so anything can happen.

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