Steam Winter Sale 2015 date leaked; prepare to open your wallets next week

We reported last month on Steam’s Autumn and Winter sales, saying at the time they would start on November 25th and December 22nd, respectively. We were spot on as to when the Autumn sale would kick off, and it appears we accurately revealed the Winter sale.

According to a promotional image from PayPal, the Steam Winter Sale will kick off on December 22nd. Considering the majority of sales start at 10am PT, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could start saving on thousands of titles start at that time.

Just like with the Autumn Sale, don’t expect there to be flash and daily sales as Valve changed how its big sales function starting with its last sale. Anyone who is participating in the Winter Sale will need to submit just one discount, instead of two, one of which would be used for flash and daily sales.

While the change may not have been as widely accepted as Valve would have liked, customers greatly benefit from this change as they can be sure they’ll purchase their game for the lowest possible price throughout the entire sale period.

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