Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be episodic

Final Fantasy VII Remake is looking to take an old story and modernize it for a new generation. But modernization is looking to be more than just remastering the game's graphics and offering an updated presentation. It looks like the distribution model will be updated for the new times... for better or worse.

According to a press release issued by Square Enix (via Kotaku), Final Fantasy VII Remake will actually be an episodic series. While the statement doesn't go into any further detail, it does appear that Remake will be told in multiple parts rather than the massive package that once contained multiple discs.

On its face, it's an unexpected and somewhat shocking announcement. However, upon further thought, it's consistent with the narrative that Square Enix has been pushing for years. Nearly two years ago, FF13 trilogy producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that a FF7 remake would take 'longer than ten years' to complete. If that's still the case today, then it makes sense that Square would want to help quell the demand by releasing the FF7 story, piece-by-piece.

Of course, that now leads to the question: Exactly how long will this project take to complete?

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