Super Smash Bros. adds Mewtwo for early access, community gathers patch notes

Today is a big day for anyone that purchased Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo has sent out DLC codes to pick up Pokemon's genetic wonder, the marvelous Mewtwo, two weeks ahead of his public release! Along with his arrival comes the games' version 1.06 patch. Of course, Nintendo being Nintendo, they have once again decided not to include patch notes. That leaves the Smash Bros. community scrambling to try and pick up the slack, offering their own makeshift patch notes.

While Nintendo's official update states that the game has received sharing functionality and tweaked balance changes, they have not specified what any of those changes actually are. With that said, the following comes from the Smashboards website:

Last updated: 4/15/15 8:43PM PST


  • Hitting A and B produces Smash attacks
  • Tilting the Analog stick no longer produces tilts, but results in Smash attacks
  • Lylat Cruise edges have been changed to "slope" recoveries


  • Koopa Klaw movement control changed to prioritize Bowser more


  • Up Throw damage increased to 11% from 8%
  • Forward Air sweet/sour hitboxes switched
  • Flare Blitz self-damage increased to 5% from 4%

Diddy Kong

  • Up Air damage reduced to 8% from 6%
  • Forward Air damage reduced to 8-10% from 10-12%
  • Up Throw damage reduced to 8% from 10%
  • Down Throw damage reduced to 6% from 7%
  • Monkey Flip Kick damage reduced to 10-12% from 12-14%
  • Monkey Flip Grab damage reduced to 10% from 12%
  • Forward Smash ending animation lag increased

Donkey Kong

  • Neutral B special charges faster

Dr. Mario

  • Forward Air damage increased by ~1%
  • Up Smash angle changed


  • Jab damage increased to 7-10% from 6-9%


  • Down Throw's damage has been increased to 10% from 6%
  • Inhale works faster
  • Hammer ending lag time reduced


  • Up B special damage increased to 14% from 12% when uncharged
  • Up B special damage increased to 22% from 19% when charged
  • Hylian Shield blocks Fox/Falco laser blasts


  • Forward Air, Forward Smash, Second-hit Down Smash, and uncharged Shieldbreaker damage increased by 0.5%
  • Fully-charged Shieldbreaker damage increased by ~1%


  • Fireball spot damage reduced to 5% from 6%

Mega Man

  • Leaf Shield fires projectile sooner
  • Up Special issues removed


  • Down Throw glitch on the Wuhu Island boat removed


  • Order Tackle amplification bug removed


  • Grab has slightly faster animation


  • Ledge grab animation slowed and is now comparable to the rest of the roster


  • Up Throw's knockback has been reduced


  • Jab animation faster, connects better
  • Tomes do not disappaer when landing on platforms

Rosalina & Luma

  • Luma health decreased to 48% from 52%


  • Homing Missile travels faster
  • Forward Tilt damage increased to 8% from 7% with additional hitboxes


  • Back Air damage reduced to 7% from 10%
  • Down Tilt reduced to 5% from 7.5%


  • Back Throw's knockback has been reduced
  • Spin Dash damage reduced to 7% from 10%

Toon Link

  • Hylian Shield blocks Fox/Falco laser blasts


  • Can no longer pocket Pac-Man's Trampoline

Wii Fit Trainer

  • Up Air damage incrased to 11% from 10%


  • Ledge Attack ending lag reduced


  • Forward Smash hitboxes altered to allow more proper connection
  • Phantom Slash mechanics altered - Phantom stays out 1/4 second longer, release animation lag animation decreased, re-summon cooldown extended by 3 seconds if Phantom destroyed

Mii - Brawler

  • Piston Punch "one inch punch" fixed
  • Back Air damage reduced to 10% from 12%
  • Forward Air base damage reduced by 2%

Mii - Swordfighter

  • Down Tilt damage increased to 8% from 6%
  • Neutral Air damage increased to 8% from 5%
  • Hero's Spin damage on ground increased to 14-19% from 12-16%

This should not be considered a complete list of changes, as the Smashboards members are diligently working to determine changes to other characters. This page will be updated to reflect their findings, so stay tuned.

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