Samus getting Zero Mission suits in Smash Bros.

The Super Smash Bros. Miiverse page has provided its latest update, and it's quite an eye-opener if you're a fan of the legendary heroine Samus Aran, from the Metroid series. 

The character will be getting two new outfits for the game. Both are featured in the screenshots below, and, as you can see, they'll be available in both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. As revealing as the outfits might be, they're actually quite loyal to the series, as they made an appearance in the previous Metroid game Zero Mission.

The posting of the pics has drummed up a lot of attention over on the Miiverse page, as over 900 commenters and rising have talked about Samus' new suits. A lot of gamers approved, but there are a few who are less than thrilled about the additions.

"This might be to much for m dad letting me get the game!" said one poster. Notably, previous Smash Bros games have been rated E or T, based on the level of violence.

"...are you kidding?! just... augh! seriously?!" said a user named Clyde.

"What the heck, Nintendo. Stop turning Samus into a feminists' worst nightmare," said "Pappy", another user.

What do you think? Is Nintendo going too far, or simply paying fan service?

Super Smash Bros. will release on October 3rd for 3DS, and later this year for Wii U.