Valve's Steam controller tweaked once again

When Valve first introduced its Steam controller some time ago, it introduced a funky new control style that not many gamers were used to. It utilized touch pads in the place of traditional controllers, but still appeared as if it was built for comfort. Still, some folks couldn't help but feel the need for an analog stick. Well, good news, gang, you're getting one.

Although the general touch pads are still in place for the redesign of the Steam controller, an analog stick has now been added, located to the lower left of the control pad. The design, discovered by SteamDB, shows the stick fits right in with the controller's set-up.

A lot of changes have gone into the controller since the announcement, including the removal of a touch-screen and buttons added in its place, as well as a sleeker build that makes the controller easier to hold.

It still doesn't have a release date as of yet, as Valve probably has even more tweaks in mind before a final build is ready. But, still, you've got your analog stick, people. Enjoy!