Star Citizen Arena Commander V.8 delayed due to major bugs [Update]

Update: Today's bug update has been posted, revealing just how much has yet to be fixed before the new update can go live. Thanks for the tip, BlackCat9!

Original story: Cloud Imperium Games had hoped to launch Star Citizen's Arena Commander V.8 today, but unfortunately, those plans have been sucked into a black hole. Creator Chris Roberts has announced a delay in the dogfighting system, citing critical game-breaking issues that must be address before any further updates can be released.

"It would be foolish to release an unstable build, even if pre-alpha for the sake of meeting an internal deadline," Roberts said on the Star Citizen website. "This is the power of the crowdfunding that made Star Citizen possible: a publisher would make us ship tomorrow regardless of the current build quality... but as you are all focused on quality rather than a financial return for shareholders we are able to take a few more days to deliver something that is stable. I know that's not the news you wanted to hear tonight. No-one would like to see the community get their hands on Arena Commander more than I would."

In the spirit of transparency, Roberts revealed a full list of bugs currently plaguing the current Arena Commander V.8 build in the update post. Several of these issues include crashes, multiplayer desyncing, and vanishing textures.

Roberts adds that the build is close to a final release, but has not divulged an official date.