Documentary film crew finds E.T. game cartridges in New Mexico landfill

Remember that film crew that was making a trek to New Mexico to excavate the fabled Atari landfill in an effort to dig up millions of copies of the infamous E.T. The Extra Terrestrial game cartridges? (No, not the Angry Video Game Nerd movie crew. The other movie crew!) Well, the documentary film team has reported back in from the legendary Atari Dump and it appears that their efforts were indeed successful.

IGN reports that the documentary crew found a pile of E.T. cartridges in a landfill along the Almagordo, New Mexico desert.

"We found something!" film director Zak Penn exclaimed to the crowd in attendance. "We found an intact E.T. video game. The actual cartridge is still in there."

The crew is continuing their expedition in an effort to find anything else the landfill may be housing. Those interested in following the crew's entire journey will be able to do so when Penn's documentary releases exclusively on Xbox Live later this year.