Seth Killian and Sony Santa Monica part ways

Update: Seth Killian has confirmed his departure on Twitter, noting that he exited Sony Santa Monica in December.

Original Story: Seth Killian, one of the lead designers for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, has departed Sony Santa Monica, according to a source at the studio.

Killian's departure was reported to Siliconera earlier today. The news comes in the wake of numerous layoffs at SCE Santa Monica and the cancellation of a new IP. It also comes six days after God of War 3 creative director Stig Asmussen's reported departure from the studio.

Killian remains widely recognized as one of the co-founders of the EVO Championship Series fighting game tournament, as well as Capcom USA's longtime strategic marketing director of online and community. He originally departed from Capcom USA on June 22, 2012 to join the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale team.