Titanfall beta gets slightly extended

The Titanfall beta went open over the weekend, letting those with an Xbox One (with Gold) or PC (who signed up in time) have a crack at the mech-shooter. Respawn has announced that it's been extended for an extra day, which should come as something of a relief to late-comers who weren't otherwise going to get much time with it.

The beta was originally set to end tomorrow at 6 PM PST, but a tweet from Respawn (via Game Informer) instead changed the date to Wednesday, February 19. The same end time, 6pm PST, still applies.

As previously reported, the beta includes three game modes: Attrition, a team deathmatch mode; Hardpoint Domination, a control point mode; and Last Titan Standing, a mode with no respawns and matches going until only one team has any remaining players left alive.