Heat Signature is next game from Gunpoint creator

Gunpoint creator Tom Francis is currently working on his next project, a 2D stealth adventure set in space called Heat Signature. Francis posted a 14-minute video demonstrating the current prototype, showing the game's flight mechanics and top-down stealth action.

The premise of Heat Signature is to fly a ship (currently the size of a few pixels) and sneak up on other randomly generated ships of varying sizes before safely boarding them. Enemy ships all come with heat sensors, requiring players to cool down their engine and alter their trajectory, in order to avoid detection and invade a ship via its airlock. Upon landing, the game shifts to a top-down view, where players must take out the crew before disembarking and repeating the process with the next ship.

Let Tom Francis walk you through the early version of his upcoming new game by watching the video below. For more about Heat Signature, check out Francis's website.