Quake Live gets new standalone client

Web browsers are evolving all the time and not all of these updates necessarily play nice with Quake Live. Bethesda is stepping forward and solving this issue by replacing browser-based play with a new standalone client for id's free-to-play version of Quake 3, meaning you'll never have to worry about what part of the latest Chrome update is making the game cry.

"We're excited to announce that the Quake Live experience is evolving - benefiting from now having its own standalone client," states the Bethesda Blog. "With the new client, the Quake Live team can dedicate more time to updating in-game features without the worry of how ever-evolving web browsers will affect gameplay and performance. If you ever experienced any browser compatibility issues, or troubles installing the Quake Live plug-in, we highly recommend you give the new standalone client a try."

Player stats, profiles, and match stats will all make the transition smoothly. Bethesda adds that there are no changes planned to Quake Live's subscription model, which will continue as it currently is.

You can grab the standalone client from the Quake Live website. Unfortunately, it'll only work for PC, as Bethesda says the client will not work for Mac or Linux.