Battlefield 4 PC bug-fixing underway

Battlefield 4 has had about a week out in the wild, and sure enough, the wild has found a host of bugs to fix. Developer DICE has responded to reports of various bugs in the PC version, and made a thorough outline of its progress on squashing them.

A lengthy thread (via Eurogamer) on the Battlefield forums lists the known issues, and categorizes them into a few categories: fixed, fix rolling out or upcoming, investigating, or pending future patch. Still on the pile to investigate are reports of single-player save file corruption, and missing promotional items. Game freezes and crashes are being stomped "as we identify them." A handful of recent updates have been targeted at server crashes.

"We would like to thank all players who have been reporting their issues to us--your feedback is invaluable when making sure we can deliver the Battlefield 4 experience you all deserve," the post states. "In true DICE fashion, we will keep supporting Battlefield 4 for a long time, and we appreciate your feedback and patience as we work these issues out."