Microsoft: developers love 'consistent' Kinect in Xbox One

One thing that Microsoft isn't going to change their minds about is bundling Kinect with Xbox One. Why? Because not only is Kinect "at the heart" of Xbox One, but developers "love the fact it is consistent."

Speaking to MCV UK, Xbox Europe VP Chris Lewis says that there hasn't been any temptation to remove Kinect from the Xbox One box. "Kinect is at the heart of the architecture of what we are with Xbox One," he said, "our developers love the fact it is consistent and that they can develop confident that the technology is there for them to create experiences and enhancements in games with its use of voice, gesture and the recognition of you in the room. All of that richness needs to be consistent across Xbox One. So no, we are clear on our vision and our strategy for the hardware, the platform, the services and the content."

Though Xbox One can technically operate without Kinect, Microsoft is clearly seeking to implement new technology into the peripheral that they don't feel is worth leaving out.