Heavy Rain turned down by Microsoft over fears of a scandal

Perhaps one of the most surprising successes in Sony's first party lineup on PS3 was Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream's adventure game certainly stands out: a choose-your-own-adventure story where you controlled multiple characters in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped child. The game's success has fostered a deep relationship between the French studio and Sony.

But before Sony got so chummy with Quantic Dream, it was Microsoft that was pursuing the game. Studio head David Cage explained that Microsoft wanted to work with the studio after the release of Indigo Prophecy, a game "they really loved."

Unfortunately, Cage says that Microsoft "got scared" over the game's plot. Apparently, "they didn't want the scandal" of a game that revolves around the kidnapping of a child. Given how insensitive the portrayal of games can be in the media, that attitude is a bit unsurprising.

"Microsoft is a great company, I'm not complaining or criticizing," Cage told a BAFTA panel, attended by Polygon. "It was like, you know, we really can't work together."

Quantic Dream is currently wrapping up Beyond for PS3 and has a PS4 game in the works as well.