Quantic Dream registers domain for 'PS4' project

Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond, is likely working on a game for the next PlayStation, currently codenamed "Orbis." The studio has registered the domain "singularityps4.com," suggesting the French developer is looking to continue working with Sony on exclusive games.

Internet sleuth Superannuation points out in a Kotaku feature that The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil is a "chief influence" on the Kara tech demo revealed at GDC last year. Given the tremendous effort placed into recording Kara, it wouldn't surprise us to see it return in a larger game.

Superannation also points out that the "singularityps4.com" domain continues a pattern set by Quantic Dream's other games: "heavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com," being pretty clear-cut examples of the studio's preference. The URL registration seems to suggest that Sony is planning on calling its next system "PlayStation 4," while abandoning the "Orbis" code name.

Quantic Dream's continuing work with Sony is also rather unsurprising, given CEO David Cage said: "I really like Sony, honestly I do... I kind of feel loyal to them." The studio is also open to being acquired by the Japanese electronics giant--but perhaps that will depend on the performance of the upcoming Beyond.