Heavy Rain dev's next also a PS3 exclusive

Given Heavy Rain's tremendous success--with over two million copies sold so far--it's unsurprising that Quantic Dream has partnered up with Sony on yet another exclusive.

"I really like Sony, honestly I do," studio head David Cage said, explaining the deal. "They’ve made some bets with developers like Fumito Ueda and Media Molecule. I kind of feel loyal to them."

The new game is being teased as "something exciting, something different." While it will "build on the foundations of Heavy Rain," Cage is hopeful that the new title will "go forward in a very, very, different way."

"I could make Heavy Rain 2," Cage told Develop. "But I’ve said what I’ve had to say about it."

While the next game will represent a second PlayStation exclusive for the developer, the studio is still independent. However, in light of Sony's recent acquisitions of Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, it appears Cage is entirely open to having the French studio purchased by the publishing giant. He says that being purchased would offer a great deal of security, especially in this generation. "The industry now is in a position where studios need constant support. It’s not like we need help, but we want to compete."