Guild Wars 2 sold 3.5 million in first year

Guild Wars 2 is coming up on its first anniversary, and ArenaNet is celebrating with some hearty back-slaps regarding its progress so far.

Guild Wars 2 has sold 3.5 million copies so far, which a handy new infographic claims makes it the fastest-selling MMO in history. It reached a peak count of 460,000 concurrent players. The infographic also breaks down stats like the race and profession percentages, and the top crafting disciplines.

One point of pride for president Mike O'Brien is the frequency of updates. The MMO is now updating roughly every two weeks. In the full year (which includes the time before updates were so frequent), it has reached an average of 18.9 days between releases.

"If you ask me what stands out most about our first year, I'll tell you, I think the number one thing we accomplished was reorienting our company to be able to update the game so much," O'Brien wrote. "In the first eight months after launch we shipped eight major releases, and then in the subsequent four months we shipped eight more major releases. We're releasing new content every two weeks. Think about the power of that. We're now updating Guild Wars 2 about five times as often as the typical MMO."

The next update, scheduled for September 3, will bring back the Super Adventure Box gag from April, along with a few other additions.