EverQuest Next Landmark videos show off building

It hasn't happened in many yonks, but EverQuest Next actually has me excited about an MMORPG. Sony Online Entertainment has showed off the landscaping players will be able to do in EverQuest Next Landmark, the free world-building spin-off, and oh it's quite something indeed.

While EQ Next is still a fair way out, Landmark is due to launch this winter. Players will be able to stake a claim on land and start building away, protected from other players. It's not purely building, as you'll need explore around to gather resources and craft tools and whatnot.

SOE may bring particularly flashy Landmark creations into actual EverQuest Next, making them part of the world when it launches. From a cynical perspective, it's getting us to do its work. If you're more excitable, it's pretty ruddy special that your creations may be seen by the world.

The Gamescom presentation is up on Twitch, with more on the game in general and the creation tools we'll get to play with (jump to 19:40 for that), but here are some building timelapses: