Command & Conquer campaign missions coming in 2014

EA's free-to-play Command & Conquer will be getting episodic missions. Though BioWare Victory had mentioned episodic missions as a possibility, the studio laid out its plans for them with more detail.

The campaign will include both single-player and co-op missions. The first missions will center around the Asia-Pacific Alliance, as it tries to create stability while the European Union challenges its authority. Meanwhile, both are under threat from the terrorist Global Liberation Army, so the two set to learn more about the GLA and defeat it.

The episodes are set to begin early next year, after the free-to-play game launches later this year. EA had already stated that single-player wouldn't be available at launch, but today stressed that it is adding the feature in response to fan requests.

"When we talk about the new Command & Conquer being a service, we're really inviting the community to help drive the design process and the evolution of the game," said EA's Jon Van Caneghem, in the announcement. "Since our announcement, the number one thing fans have asked for is new story content, and we listened. We are excited to be delivering compelling, high quality Campaign Missions that will roll out to the service in 2014."

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