Grand Theft Auto Online revealed: how multiplayer works in GTA5

"Grand Theft Auto Online" is the name of Rockstar's ambitious multiplayer offering for Grand Theft Auto 5. And while it may sound like a stadalone game, Rockstar says it's included "free with every retail copy" of the game.

Jumping online gives you a "dynamic and persistent" world that supports 16 players. In GTAO, you'll be able to explore the world alone or with friends. In addition to assorted activities and "ambient events," there will be a number of co-op missions to play through as well.

Players will be able to create new content for GTAO, with a Content Creator letting the community develop races, deathmatches, and more.

It's clear that GTAO will be a platform for DLC in the future, as Rockstar Games promises to have the game "continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content." Hopefully, this doesn't mean that the studio will no longer work on single-player content a la the Episodes from Liberty City.

The online mode won't be available at launch, however. While the game launches on September 17, GTAO will be available post-launch, on October 1. Here, take a look at what Rockstar has to offer: