Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

XB360, PC, PS3 / Action / Release: Apr 13, 2010 / ESRB: M


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'Rockstar Games Collection' outed at retail

'Rockstar Games Collection' outed at retail

Patience might pay off in a big way, as a Rockstar games compilation packaging four games together has been spotted. The "Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1" includes Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition, L.A. Noire, and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. According to retail listings, it's due out in November.

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Rockstar focusing on smaller DLC in the future

Rockstar focusing on smaller DLC in the future

Rockstar Games, like the rest of the industry, has been learning about what makes DLC successful. For example, the sizable expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto IV may have been too big and too expensive for their own good. "Maybe $10 is a more exciting price point," Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser admitted.

Grand Theft Auto IV's two expansion packs--The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony--greatly underperformed, in spite of critical acclaim. "I think the two GTA episodes, from a creative standpoint, were absolutely fantastic. We are very, very, very proud of them."

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Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Hits PC, PlayStation 3

The downloadable expansions for Grand Theft Auto IV are now available on PC (via Games for Windows Live) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Store), as promised.

Those with a copy of GTA IV will be able to buy the two--the biker-oriented Lost and Damned and night club-centric Ballad of Gay Tony--at $19.99 each on PlayStation 3 and 1200 Microsoft Points / $15 on PC. As of this writing, both are available through Games for Windows Live, though the PlayStation Store only has The Lost and Damned. Both were released on Xbox 360 across 2009, priced at 1600 MS Points / $20 each. Read more »

"So... can I buy the add-ons as DLC through Steam too so it's part of my GTA4 install, or is it a ..."
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'Grand Theft Auto: Episodes' Trailer Hypes PC and PlayStation 3 Debut of 'Damned' and 'Gay Tony'

The two expansions for Grand Theft Auto IV hit PC and PlayStation 3 on April 13, leading developer Rockstar to celebrate the only way it knows how: with a brand new trailer.

As with their earlier Xbox 360 debut, "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" will be available to existing Grand Theft Auto IV owners as premium-priced downloadable content. A standalone retail bundle, dubbed Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, will also be available, enabling the two to be played without a copy of GTA IV. Read more »

"Speaking as someone who eagerly awaited the PC version of GTA 4, I can honestly say that ..."
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Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Videos Showcase PC Video Editing Functionality

Much like the initial PC release of Grand Theft Auto IV, those that buy the two expansions in either downloadable or standalone retail form will be able to craft and upload short films of their explots thanks to the PC-exclusive Video Editor funtionality.

To illustrate this, developer Rockstar has provided a few sample shorts:

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"~ how many hours of content do these expansions provide? Trying to decide if it's going to be ..."
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Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Delayed for PS3, PC

Originally intended to hit the PlayStation 3 and PC this month, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City will be delayed "due to a request by Sony Europe to make some minor content changes to the PAL PS3 version of the game," according to a Rockstar Games representative.

The set, which includes the previously-Xbox 360 exclusive GTA IV: The Lost & Damned and GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, will now be released on April 13th in North America and on April 16th elsewhere. Read more »

"Maybe they had to lock up some content before it was released."
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Stargate Developer Cheyenne Declares Bankruptcy Amidst Internal Strife

Long-troubled independent developer Cheyenne Mountain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection--a move meant to enable continued operations while it restructures with an eye towards financial stability--alongside word that the company has joined proceedings alleging former chairman and CEO Gary Whiting of wrong doing.

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"Sadly, this puppy never had a chance. That never had the funding. I really wanted to like it. I ..."
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Stargate Resistance Release Date Announced

"The first Stargate PC shooter ever to come to market" will debut in downloadable form February 10, developer FireSky has revealed via the official Stargate Resistance site.

Priced at $19.99, the third-person multiplayer shooter is currently available for pre-order via Direct2Drive, which is offering up exclusive armor, weapons and emotes as a pre-order incentive. Read more »

"I just wet my pants.... no not because i'm excited.... but because i couldnt throw up"
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Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Coming to PC, PS3

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto IV's two downloadable content packs 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' and 'The Lost and Damned' will hit PC and PS3 in March.

As on Xbox 360, the pair will be available as individual downloadable content packs for GTA IV or in a standalone retail double-pack 'Episode From Liberty City.'

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"I would actually be interested in this game if it were deeper than "get guns -> shoot people" ..."
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Stargate MMO Developer Unveils Shooter 'Stargate Resistance,' Talks Past Financial Problems

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has quietly unveiled Stargate Resistance, a PC multiplayer shooter based upon the popular sci-fi franchise, by launching a website.

The class-based third-person shooter pits humans of Stargate Command against the alien System Lords in team deathmatch, 'Capture the Tech' and domination modes, with persistent rankings and an overarching struggle to control the universe. Read more »

"So they're desperate for money and using assets they've already made to create a basic shooter ..."
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New Grand Theft Auto Teased in 'Episodes' Manual?

A small advertisement tucked away in the back of the manual for the just-released Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City has some believing that developer Rockstar is teasing a new entry in the open-world crime series.

"Liberty City, It's Over!" declares the ad, which features artwork from Grand Theft Auto IV. "Opens March Everywhere," adds near-microscopic text near the bottom. While past entries have explored other locales, IV was set in the New York-inspired Liberty City. Read more »

"I'd agree it looks like San Andreas back-country or Red Dead Redemption mountain ranges, but ..."
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Grand Theft Auto 4 'Gay Tony' Trailer: Meet Luis

With Grand Theft Auto IV's downloadable "Ballad of Gay Tony" expansion hitting Xbox 360 tomorrow, developer Rockstar wants you to meet new protagonist Luis Lopez.

"Gay Tony" will be available as a 1600 MS Point ($20) download for those that own Grand Theft Auto IV. It will also be on the Xbox 360-only "Episodes From Liberty City" disc, where it's playable without a copy of GTA4. Both disc and download are due tomorrow. Read more »

"I'd like to see the next Fallout or Oblivion adopt some of GTA IV's style, especially with DLC ..."
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GTA 4 'Gay Tony' Trailer: Princess Robot Bubblegum

Anime is the latest target for a piss-take on Grand Theft Auto 4's in-game television sets in the form of the positively horrendous Princess Bubblegum Robot, as part of its downloadable content 'The Ballad of Gay Tony.' Caution: contains cartoon cleavage.

The Xbox 360-exclusive DLC hits the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 29, priced at $20 (1600 Microsoft Points). A $40 retail standalone double-pack containing both 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' and previous DLC 'The Lost and Damned' will also arrive on that date. Read more »

"This is nice and all, but I want to see the Civil War chapter of A History of Liberty City."
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Extreme GTA 4 Trailer Kicks Off Xtreme Basejumping

There's nothing like a good xtreme basejumping competition. What makes it xtreme? Soda, as it turns out. That and RPGs.

The new mode hits with The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC and/or the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City retail disc. Which are coming out in a week. Time flies.

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"is microsofts bribe that big that it isn't worth porting to PC and PS3 ?? ...exclusive sucks!"
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'Gay Tony' Fizz! Trailer: Grand Theft Gossip

Even the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto IV isn't safe from the trappings of celebrity gossip, as evidenced by this latest trailer for the game's "Gay Tony" expansion.

An Xbox 360 exclusive, "The Ballad of Gay Tony" arrives October 29 as a 1600 Microsoft Point ($20) download for those that already own Grand Theft Auto IV. It will also be released separately as part of the "Episodes From Liberty City" disc due that day. Read more »

"It basically outlines the entire Night Club gameplay aspect to the expansion. Looks like it ..."
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