Too much 'investment' for next-gen Street Fighter, producer explains

Capcom recently announced Ultra Street Fighter 4 for current-gen consoles. With next-gen systems available by the time the add-on releases, it seemed like a curious decision. Series producer Yoshihiro Ono explains that the hesitation to jump into next-gen is a matter of resources, for both the developer and the consumer.

"Realistically speaking, developing a title for next-gen consoles requires a huge amount of staff members, and a large sum of money," Ono told Siliconera. "The issue of money also applies to everyone else, as it'll be required to invest in a new console, game, and arcade stick."

Unfortunately, neither Xbox One nor PS4 will support fight sticks from the previous generation. Knowing that it will cost hundreds of dollars to transition into the next-gen, it probably is best to avoid sticker shock for now.