Saints Row 4 trailer blasts dubstep gun in 6 minutes of gameplay

"And I saw a dubstep gun and a Superpresident and mechs and aliens and and an-" people who saw the Saints Row 4 demo at PAX East gibber, before you place a comforting arm around their shoulder and assure them yes, yes of course they did. But they really did, as a new six-minute gameplay trailer from that pre-alpha build shows off all that wackiness and more.

Volition senior producer Jim Boone takes the microphone to explain everything from mecha mayhem and inflating people until they burst to the President's superpowers and customising a rocket launcher to look like Desperado's guitar case RPG. It's all quite silly, as intended.

Saints Row 4 is due August 20 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, published by Deep Silver following THQ's demise. Pre-ordering gets you an Uncle Sam outfit, a jet with a snazzy bald eagle paint job, and a wholly absurd gun named 'Merica.

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